Family Dinners

Get to know some new friends starting January 2023 during these monthly gatherings!

Get to know someone new...

Starting in January 2023 we'll be getting together once a month to share some dinner, hang out, and get to know some new friends. We're calling these get-togethers Family Dinners, but don't worry! These dinners aren't just for people with relatives! These gatherings are intended for everyone in our church family!

We're super excited about this new way to grow closer together, so sign up to join a family dinner group by clicking the 'Join a Group' button below! Once we begin setting up groups, we'll reach out to you each month to let you know when and where to go! We can't wait to get started and we're so glad to have you on board!

Host a group

If you want to offer your home to host a group, you can sign up to do that by clicking the 'Host a Group' button below! We'll be in touch as soon as possible to give you details about what it means to host a group in your home.