I’m NEW TO CHURCH, and I’m wondering...

  • Am I going to feel out of place?

    While we certainly hope not, everybody’s a little different and we know it can be awkward or uncomfortable visiting a church for the first time.

    That said, you can join us anytime with full confidence that we genuinely care about you and want to make you feel welcome!

  • What should I wear?

    Whether you’re dressed in your “sunday best” or not, we want to make sure that you feel welcome and at home! Our founding pastor often wore shorts and flip-flops at church! Our church is pretty casual in dress and demeanor, so wear what’s comfortable and expect to feel welcomed.

  • I don’t know what happens at church... What am I getting myself into?

    Twice a week we gather together to praise God and to hear from His Word. A pastor -or sometimes an elder -will teach a verse-by-verse study of the Bible, including a relevant way to apply what the Bible says to your daily life. A band leads us in a time of musical worship to Jesus. We like to make room after the teaching for response; while the band plays we have people available to pray with you, or sometimes we’ll take communion together (sharing some juice and crackers, remembering what Jesus did for us).

    We don’t pressure anyone to give money (especially if you’re new). In fact, we actually don’t want you to. Part of the reason people do give is to provide ways to make you feel special and welcomed! We genuinely care about you and you’re our valued guest.

  • I have tattoos, piercings, and pink hair. Will people judge me?

    We won’t judge you based on outward appearances. We’ve got plenty of tattoos and piercings here at church, and pink hair is totally cool! We love that you’re different and want you to feel welcome to join us!

I’m A CHRISTIAN, and I’m wondering...

  • Are you guys serious about the Bible?

    Super serious. Not only do we believe that the Bible is God’s complete and inerring Word, but our church (and even the Calvary Chapel Movement) was founded on the principle that biblical verse-by-verse teaching comes first.

    Whether it’s a normal service, or some other event, you can expect all of our music and teaching to align with -and come from -the Bible.

  • Are you guys “seeker-sensitive”?

    Not in the way you probably mean. Oftentimes when people ask that question, what they really mean is “are you watering down the truth of the Bible in order to appeal to people?” The answer to that question is a resounding NO!

    We believe that the whole Bible is relevant to every walk of life, and necessary for spiritual wholeness -even the parts that are hard to talk about.

    We never desire to drive anyone away from church of course, and we want to make sure that everyone feels welcome, but we can’t compromise truth in order to do that.

  • Is this a prosperity-gospel church?

    Absolutely not. We believe in Jesus-exalting, biblically-centered, verse-by-verse teaching through the whole Bible. The nice part about that is that it excludes the prosperity and poverty gospels alike, and keeps us accountable to not engage in topical series’ about giving and church growth.

    We talk about giving and generosity when the Bible talks about giving and generosity. You’ll never hear us promise returns on investments of “financial seeds of faith”, you’ll never see a building project thermometer in our lobby, and you’ll never receive favoritism from our leadership because of your financial gifts (our pastors don’t even know who gives and who doesn’t!).

  • Is Calvary Chapel a denomination?

    Calvary Chapel is often referred to as the “non-denominational denomination”. As much as we like to poke fun, it’s actually not a denomination at all!

    In truth, Calvary is an association not a denomination. What does that mean?

    Basically, every Calvary Chapel (including ours) is its own individual church, with it’s own organizational structure, bylaws, leadership methods, culture, teaching style, etc. You’ll find Calvary Chapels on every side of the church spectrum, from hole-in-the-wall bible studies, to several-thousand-member megachurches.

    Almost all Calvary Chapels adhere to a set of “distinctives” such as verse-by-verse bible teaching, and they tend to share similar culture, but each one is different. Exhortation, encouragement, accountability, and resource-sharing is available between churches through the association, but the association has no legal powers to govern individual churches.

  • About Calvary Chapel

    Calvary Chapel was founded by Pastor Chuck Smith in 1965 in Costa Mesa, California. The Hippie Movement was in full swing in Southern California so he broke convention and took the Gospel message to the hearts of the youth in the counter-culture; hippies, drug addicts, and those not accepted by the other churches of the day. Pastor Chuck saw an amazing transformation of delinquents and aimless young people into individuals on fire for God. As they grew in the Lord, he saw the need to plant other churches and knew that God wanted to use these passionate young people to be the new leaders.

    This “Jesus Revolution” during the late 60’s and 70’s birthed the Calvary Chapel Movement, which broke many traditions, creating a very relaxed atmosphere of worship. Fifty years later, with well over 1000 affiliate churches, the Calvary Chapel Association of churches ministers to approximately 400,000 people all over the world.

    Calvary Chapel is best known for our strong emphasis on the teaching of God's Word and the application of the Word to every day life. Our philosophy is to teach through the Word of God systematically. We feel this is far more productive, and allows the full counsel of God's Word to work in the hearts of the people so we abide with this style of teaching. With few exceptions, we start a book of the Bible and continue verse-by-verse until we finish the book.