What to expect when you come to Calvary Youth
  • Expect to feel welcome

    You can expect to join a group of like-minded peers who will take you in and treat you like family!

  • Expect to meet leaders that love you

    Our youth director and leaders care deeply for everyone. When you come to Calvary Youth, you can expect to experience their love, grace and patience firsthand.

  • Expect Bible study

    Just like in the rest of Calvary Longview, all of our youth gathering engage in verse-by-verse study of God’s Word.

  • Expect small groups

    At youth group we break out into smaller groups for discussion, prayer and community-building. This fosters deeper relationships with one another and more personal and holistic discipleship.

  • Expect fun activities

    Not only do we study the bible at youth group, but we also play fun games, host events, and other activities. Expect to have a good time!